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Firefighting Employment


Wildfire Forestry Services Ltd, takes pride in employing reliable, experienced and professional firefighters. We offer free training and certification for our employees.

What to expect firefighting


The typical fire season runs from July-September. Fire season is unpredictable due to weather fluctuations therefore employees must be flexible with scheduling. Employees may work up to 14 days straight while on a fire. The typical work day is 12 hours with possible overnight stays camping. Fire deployments range from small initial attack fire to large scale project fires. Deployments may be anywhere in the province. Your meals and accommodations are paid for by Wildfire Forestry while on deployment. Firefighting is both physically and mentally demanding and requires determination, physical fitness, teamwork, and a positive outlook.

Recruiting process


All employees require a 2 day basic firefighting suppression course (S100/185). Return employees require a one day S100 refresher course. All employees must pass an annual physical fitness test. Once an employee has passed these requirements, they will be put on a call list for the next available fire call.

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